“Great companies are built on Great ideas"

Anas Bin Muhammad


ACG INVESTMENTS has an enviable track record as a strategic investor, with businesses in many sectors. Founded by Anas Bin Muhammad in 2010, We specializes in INVESTMENTS & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES in India, UAE, Qatar, Oman & Malaysia. It provides end to end product and service capabilities through its investments and companies in these sectors. Our main investing sectors are GENERAL TRADING, REAL ESTATE, HOTEL & RESORTS, FITNESS & ENTERTAINMENT and CRYPTO CURRENCY. We are mainly providing two types of services like CORPORATE SERVICES & BUSINESS SERVICES.

ACG INVESTMENTS is headquartered in UAE and corporate office in India. We are a 100+ strong member team that operates in India, UAE, Qatar, Oman & Malaysia. In our network of 5 global offices spread across 5 countries. Our experience of nearly one decade has enabled us to serve over 500+ clients globally. We are proud to be working with 100 of the Fortune 500 companies across the India, UAE, Qatar, Oman & Malaysia, as well as several other reputed local family business groups.                                                                                                             


ACG INVESTMENTS is the solution of your business problems. We will work as a complete business supporting partner to achieve your goal.

ACG INVESTMENTS is an international organization supporting clients across India, UAE, Qatar, Oman & Malaysia providing sustainable solutions and strategies that drive business transformation. With an innovative approach to every project and an unwavering commitment to quality and consistency, we have played an instrumental role in transforming businesses worldwide.

Helping businesses stay ahead of the curve in a world where change and disruptions are the norms.

Our presence across major economies in the world allows us to work with a diverse range of companies across multiple industries. In every office, we have dedicated International Enterprise Groups from India, UAE, Qatar, Oman & Malaysia which offer support to clients in bridging cultural, technical, and linguistic challenges that companies typically face when it comes to overseas businesses. This gives us a very high level of customer understanding and agility – differentiating our service.



Every person’s ultimate dream is to start a business. But most of the people drop it half way since they can’t find solution to solve their business problems. In this case ACG INVESTMENTS presents solution for all the business problems that people are facing as a complete business supporting partner. ACG INVESTMENTS will provide solution for beginners and running business groups to solve all problems they are facing in business.

“Our mission is to help you grow your business, minimize risks, protect your values, reputation, and achieve your ultimate business goal to emerge as winners.”



Our vision is to build long term strategic relationships with our clients. At ACG INVESTMENTS every endeavor is guided by our core values that are founded upon mutual trust and respect to provide exceptional service, quality deliverables and value-added service. We are committed to serving our clients with integrity and helping them achieve tangible results.

In an ever-changing business landscape where traditional boundaries are constantly being redefined, ACG INVESTMENTS provides agile, dynamic and customized solutions to our clients across India, UAE, Qatar, Oman & Malaysia so as to help them emerge as winners.

With our global footprint, ACG INVESTMENTS has successfully established International Enterprise Teams. These unique, multinational International Enterprise Teams service clients in their respective domestic markets through our global offices, bridging technical, cultural and linguistic barriers while minimizing any challenges that might occur, as is often the case with cross-border engagements.

Through our core service lines, New company formation, Investment Support, Product or Material Sourcing, Company management support, Finance, Accounts, Tax & Audit, Data privacy & Storage, Designing & Branding, Debt Collection, Legal & Lawyer Support, we help organizations identify and subsequently tap into the myriad of opportunities available to them. With our range of services, we provide the support clients need to bridge the gap between potential and results. Our senior leadership all have vast experience across a wide range of industries, this experience forms a key part of providing pragmatic solutions to our clients.