Our general trading companies operate in a broad array of industries, including baby products, cleaning, cotton products, kitchen products, bath products, cosmetics, energy, machinery, food, chemicals, and house hold. With respect to the form of business, in addition to conventional trading, they are also active in resource and business investment. We are invested in Free zones, mainland, Offshore also.

It is a well-known fact the UAE as a country has become one of the best business locations for foreign investors as well as budding entrepreneurs from all over the world. The government during the last two decades has been making sure that business shows constant growth and as a result has pumped into the market a huge number of resources.

The government has made sure that every sector keeps on growing and thereby presenting attractive market options to foreign investors. As is clear that Dubai is one of the major trading locations of the world and setting up a business in Dubai is only going to prove beneficial for the investors and budding entrepreneurs as well.

Starting a general trading business in Dubai, the investor needs to follow a certain established process that has been made compulsory by the government. By following the due process the investor makes sure that the business has been established and implemented properly and legally.

ACG INVESTMENTS has invested in multiple categories of general trading companies and products in India, UAE, Qatar, Oman and Malaysia.